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Get Your Message In Front of People

A conformable, aluminum-based decal designed for indoor and outdoor use. The unique, conforming characteristic of Concrete Graphics® allows it to conform into grooves and take the shape of the surface. It is ideal for sidewalks, brick walls and cinder block walls.

Application is peel-and-stick, and in most cases removal is clean and simple. 

Concrete Graphics® is an ideal sign product for way-finding, event promotion, facility safety, advertising and any time you want to put a message in front of pedestrians.  

  • Digital printing allows Concrete Graphics® to be customized for your application.
  • Non-skid and reflective surface meets international anti-slip safety standards.
  • A good choice for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic.
  • Sticks to most concrete, asphalt, brick, and tile.
  • No special application equipment needed.  
  • Conforming characteristics makes it look like a painted surface.
  • Available as a finished product as well as in blank rolls for digital printers (UV printer recommended)

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